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Pre-Operative Rehabilitation

Surgery Prep

Let us help you prior to your surgery. Strengthening muscles and conditioning the body can speed your recovery.

Let us help your prior to your surgery.

What is Pre-Operative Rehabilitation?

Strengthening and general conditioning prior to your surgery may be requested by your physician.  Studies show that pre-operative rehabilitation can reduce post-surgical recovery time and improve your surgical outcome.  Conditioning can help reduced the deterioration that occurs naturally after an injury.  

What is included in a Pre-Operative program?

Your physical therapist will develop an individualized strengthening and conditioning program for you based on your injury and surgical date. Therapy will help to reduce swelling, decrease pain and help you to strengthen muscles prior to your surgery.

"Exercising before surgery can get the body into shape and help recovery after an operation.  Stronger surrounding muscles will support injured and post surgical structures better then weaker ones."  Reuters Health

This service is offered at:

Gig Harbor Clinic
Tacoma Clinic
Lakewood Clinic
Puyallup Clinic
South Hill Clinic
Spanaway Clinic
University Place Clinic

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