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Therapeutic Exercise

Exercise is an essential part of treatment at Olympic Sports & Spine Rehabilitation.

Targeted physical conditioning allows you to function more efficiently!

What is therapeutic exercise?

Therapeutic exercise is a series of movements developed to improve an individuals flexibility, strength and endurance. It is designed to address specific movement problems.  The exercises emphasize functional capabilities for walking, gardening, tying your shoes, driving your car or just about any other activities you would like to enjoy. 

Both regional and whole body exercise can stimulate changes in your cardiovascular, neuromuscular and proprioceptive (balance) systems.  This targeted physical conditioning allows you to function more efficiently! 

A typical exercise program may include elements of the following:

  • Stretching techniques
  • Core and extremity strengthening exercises
  • Trunk stabilization exercises
  • Aerobic Conditioning
  • Functional Exercises
  • Balance and falls prevention training

Why choose Olympic Sports & Spine for therapeutic exercise?

Our skilled therapists will assess the underlying cause of your musculoskeletal problem whether is be loss of flexibility, muscular strength or decreased endurance.  An exercise program will be developed to meet your individual needs.   Your goals will be included as your program is developed.

  Our staff also includes Certified Strength and Conditioning Coaches (www.nsca.com) and Certified Athletic Trainers (www.nata.org).

Who could benefit from therapeutic exercise?

Everyone can benefit from a therapeutic exercise program!   Boomers, babies, athletes and the elderly can benefit from individualized exercise instruction.   A therapeutic exercise program addressing your specific movement issues will allow you to function more comfortably and more effectively!

What are the goals of a therapeutic exercise program?

Restoration of  normal mobility, strength and endurance are our primary goals. This allows you to enjoy everyday activities without pain or lifestyle restrictions. We will help you with a home exercise program in order to maintain the progress you make in therapy.

This service is offered at:

Gig Harbor Clinic
Tacoma Clinic
Lakewood Clinic
Puyallup Clinic
South Hill Clinic
Spanaway Clinic
University Place Clinic

Click here to learn more about  Certified Athletic Trainers and the NATA

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