Dry Needling Education
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A 3-Course Program

This 3-course series satisfies all education requirements to practice dry needling in Washington State. The Dry Needling course series is proudly sponsored by Olympic Sports & Spine (OSS) and offered by Aspire OMT.

This accelerated program will get you ready to provide Dry Needling before the year ends.

The Dry Needling courses are part of Olympic Sports & Spine’s Michael Tollan Clinical Excellence Series (MTCES). The MTCES is a clinical education program organized by Olympic Sports & Spine designed to help therapists develop their clinical skills and knowledge. New courses are posted throughout the year.

To participate, it is necessary to register for all three courses.

This Dry Needling (DN) Course Series is comprised of DN Level 1, 2 & 3. All levels are 3-day courses.

Course Description

This course series progresses from introductory to advanced dry needling concepts for the muscles of the lumbar spine, lower quarter, cervical spine, upper quarter, thoracic spine, and advanced techniques. These courses are based on the foundational knowledge of anatomy, neurology, biomechanics and pathology in the use and treatment of dry needling. Safety and clinical application are prioritized with ample lab time to build your skills to prepare you safe application in the clinic. Topics such as electrical stimulation, dosage, acute and chronic pain as well as post treatment care will also be discussed.

Each 3-day course will also include concepts from the Aspire COMT coursework to apply musculoskeletal assessment, examination, and clinical reasoning to differentially diagnose and prepare you to incorporate dry needling in the clinical setting.

Prior Coursework Needed?

No prior course work is required for DN Level 1, but each subsequent course requires successful completion of the one before it. This course series is designed to meet WA State’s requirements for DN endorsement. There is even a process for the required clinical review of 150 hours of clinical cases.


DN 1: 27 hours in person

DN 2: 24 hours in person

DN 3: 24 hours in person

Please refer to the course schedules for detailed information on topics, lectures, and labs, including a comprehensive list of muscles. Coffee and light snacks will be provided, and the attendees will break for an hour independent lunch.


The cost for each class (each level) is $1,000.

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