Patients get better at Olympic Sports & Spine

Nothing matters more than results. And at OSS, the results are something to talk about. OSS's outcome and satisfaction scores exceed national and regional standards in every measured category.

Find out why one-on-one care really matters


At many therapy practices, care is delegated to aides and techs so that therapists can oversee the rehab of multiple patients simultaneously. We think patients and their referring providers should expect better.

Therapists possess highly specialized skills and knowledge (Did you know that physical therapists complete seven years of higher education?)  But the benefit of this expertise is diluted when the therapist doesn’t provide the care. Indeed, the use of aides and techs requires that therapists in these practices design and delegate treatment programs that aides are capable of delivering. Simply, that means that rehab care is limited; it can only be as “expert” as the aide.

At OSS, we don't overlap appointments. Appointments are scheduled for one patient at a time. In our one-on-one model, every patient is seen by a licensed rehab professional for the full duration of every visit.

It’s obvious to us; patients get better when they receive the undivided attention of the best qualified providers.

The Best Qualified Providers

Every Olympic Sports & Spine (OSS) clinic provides One-On-One care. This is not the standard in the PT industry, and certainly not the standard in our local area. At OSS, your patients spend every minute of every visit with a rehab professional.

Board Certifications

Olympic Sports & Spine employs the best qualified therapists, including 25 Board Certified Orthopedic and Sports Clinical Specialists.

Virtually All Insurances Accepted

When referring to OSS, your patient's insurance is not a concern.  OSS is a preferred provider for virtually all insurance plans.  We also take the time to verify each patient's benefits prior to therapy and are proactive in communicating each patient’s financial responsibility, if any.

75+ Insurance Companies

Olympic Sports & Spine is a preferred provider for virtually all insurance plans.

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Patient Access

Olympic Sports & Spine operates 18 locations around the South Puget Sound. The clinics are open from 7:20 am until 6:00 pm on weekdays and several locations offer appointments on Saturday.

Our goal is to contact and schedule each patient within 48 hours from the receipt of the referral.

Frequently Asked Questions


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Contact Support

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How do I track my patient's progress?

Olympic Sports & Spine sends an evaluation report to the referring provider after every patient's initial visit. This report summarizes the therapist's findings and outlines the treatment plan.

Subsequent reports are sent at regular intervals, either to correspond with return visits to the referring provider's office, at a frequency required by the patient's insurance company or at discharge.

Other reports will be sent if the referred patient does not schedule an appointment with us or has attendance issues that impact rehabilitation.

Reports are sent electronically if the patient is referred electronically using EPIC or via fax if the referral is received by fax, mail or if hand delivered by the patient.

What services are offered at each Olympic Sports & Spine location?

In addition to providing Physical Therapy services, Olympic Sports & Spine provides  Occupational Therapy, Massage Therapy, Industrial Rehabilitation, Hand Therapy, Athletic Training, Pelvic Health, and more. Click here for a complete list of all the clinical programs we offer. The  programs offered at each individual clinic are listed on the clinic specific pages found here.

Why should I choose Olympic Sports & Spine for my patients?

We Are Local

In contrast to large, out of state corporate rehabilitation practices, OSS's ownership and entire management team lives here. Our homes are here. Our kids have gone to school here. We are involved in local sports leagues, teach at the University of Puget Sound, and support local charitable organizations that serve our communities. Most importantly, we are committed to being here. Our 300 plus employees call this area home and we embrace the obligation to provide them with the means and resources to thrive, and in turn, contribute in their own ways to our communities.

One-On One

One-On-One is not just a "tag line". Most therapy practices routinely double book patients, and in turn, rely on aides or techs to provide care. Sure, your therapy progress reports will always come from the therapist, but doesn't mean that the therapist delivered the care.  At Olympic Sports & Spine, every patient is treated by a licensed rehabilitation professional at every visit.

Clinical Outcomes & Patient Satisfaction
The outcome data tell a compelling story. Olympic Sports & Spine's outcomes exceed all national standards in all measured categories. By contributing our data to a national database, we have evidence that patients get better at OSS.

When it comes to patient satisfaction, the results are in. Patients continue to give our services exceptionally high marks (all ratings on a 0-10 scale)

Clinical Staff
Office Staff
Treatment Progress
Does Olympic Sports & Spine accept my patients' insurance?

Before therapy begins, Olympic Sports & Spine verifies each patient's insurance and provides an estimate of his or her out of pocket responsibility. We also offer a wide variety of payment plans to help patients more easily manage any cost they may incur.

Olympic Sports & Spine is a preferred provider for most insurance plans.