Dry Needling

Dry Needling is an effective treatment for pain and limited range of motion and is widely available at Olympic Sports & Spine. Therapists who provide this service are certified to do so and have successfully completed advanced Dry Needling training.

Treatment involves the insertion of one or more thin, monofilament, sterile needles into muscle tissue. Effective in decreasing tightness, Dry Needling also increases blood flow, reduces pain, and restores motion. Patients often report immediate relief after treatment. The needles remain in your muscle for a short period of time during treatment. The length of time depends on the treatment location, number of needles used and treatment goals.

Dry Needling is usually paired with exercise and other physical therapy techniques to prevent symptoms from recurring. Specifically, electrical stimulation is often used in conjunction with Dry Needling. This combination causes a gentle contraction and relaxation of the irritable muscle, which facilitates nerve recovery and muscle activation needed for strength and functional goals.

Clinics where you can find Dry Needling services