Getting Started with Telehealth

Olympic Sports & Spine is pleased to offer Telehealth visits during the COVID-19 outbreak. Telehealth visits are delivered over the internet from our computers to your computer or smartphone. This is a great alternative way to receive therapy and support social distancing priorities.

While Telehealth is a good option for continued rehabilitation, it is not a replacement for an in-clinic appointment. Receiving therapy in the clinic is still the best option. However, we understand that some patients are unable to come into our clinics or are choosing not to participate in face-to-face appointments at this time. If you are one of those patients, we hope that you will consider Telehealth appointments.

Telehealth uses live video and sound to connect you with your therapist. To participate in a Telehealth visit, please make note of the following:

  1. Equipment - You will need a computer, tablet or mobile device with internet access, and a camera and a microphone. Most smartphones (iPhones, Android) have this capability along with iPads and laptops. If you are using a desktop computer, please make sure you have a working webcam, microphone and speakers.
  2. Space - You should have a large enough space to move around. Your therapist may have you stand, sit or do other activities during your session. Please remove obstacles such as cords and tables that may be a tripping or safety hazard.
  3. Privacy - For your Telehealth visit, we recommend that you choose a quiet and private space where you can speak freely to your therapist. This will limit distractions and also help keep your communications private. Turn off radios, TV's and other items that may interfere with the audio quality during your session.
  4. Clothes - We recommend you wear the same clothes that you would wear to an in-person visit with your therapist. Loose fitting shirts and shorts are the best option.

Scheduling a Telehealth Appointment

Telehealth visits are reserved for patients who have already been seen at our clinics and have an ongoing need for rehabilitation.

If you are interested in scheduling a Telehealth appointment, please call one of our locations. Your therapist will review your case to ensure that Telehealth is a good fit for you.

How to "login" to your Telehealth Session

Please be prepared to start your Telehealth visit promptly at your scheduled appointment time.

Your therapist will send you an email containing the connection link at the start of your scheduled Telehealth session. For example, if you are scheduled for a 2pm appointment, your therapist will send you an email at 2pm. Click the link in the email to be connected to the Telehealth visit. You will be prompted to review and sign a consent form prior to starting.

Important Note: The Telehealth session requires the use of one of the following internet browsers: Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Safari.

Co-Pay and Co-Insurance Payments

Olympic Sports & Spine will not collect co-payments or any other fees at the time of a Telehealth visit. The Telehealth consultation will be billed to your insurance company. Any co-payment or other fees such as a co-insurance or deductible responsibility will be billed to you after your insurance has processed the claim for the Telehealth session.