Wheelchair Assessments

Olympic Sports & Spine’s Wheelchair Assessment Service is led by occupational therapists who help optimize the wheelchair for its user.

The service is comprised of three primary components:

A Postural and Seating Evaluation

This evaluation includes an assessment of strength, balance, and range of motion. This helps the therapist determine the optimal postural needs to reduce fatigue, limit the risk of injury, maintain skin integrity, and promote independence.

Wheelchair Adjustments

The posture and seating evaluation gives the therapist the information necessary to make important adjustment to the wheelchair. No wheelchair is perfectly suited to every patient without customizations. As adjustments are made, the patient may provide immediate feedback to the therapist regarding comfort and function.


Therapists are teachers, and it is important that the patient and caregivers understand how to adjust the wheelchair and properly position the patient to maximize comfort and function while minimizing compromise to the skin and injury risk. Recommendations for use of the wheelchair at home in community environments are also critical to facilitate independent function to the greatest extent possible.

Tip Sheets

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