Baseline Concussion Testing

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Baseline Concussion Tests are valid for 2 full years from the date of your test.

The best way to schedule is online.  To schedule now, click here.

If you see "No items to show in this view", or if the available dates do not work for you, call 253-330-8484 or email

Do not call an OSS clinic, use the number or email listed above.

Baseline Concussion Testing is performed by appointment only.

For online registrations, you will receive a email confirmation after registration is complete that contains a unique access code, please bring this email with you to check-in for your test.

How to pay for a Baseline Concussion Test

Baseline Concussion Testing costs $15.00. We accept online payments with a credit card or cash/check is accepted at time of testing.

What is a Baseline Concussion Test?

A Baseline Concussion Test is a pre-season examination conducted by Athletic Trainers, Physical Therapists or other trained healthcare providers. The test results are used to assess an athlete's current memory, learning, concentration and problem solving abilities. The results from baseline tests can be used and compared to similar examinations conducted by health care professionals during the sports season if an athlete is injured or has a suspected concussion. Comparing post-injury to pre-injury status can assist the Athletic Trainer, Physical Therapist or Team Physician identify the severity of an injury and will help in making return to school and play decisions easier.

Who needs a baseline concussion test?

Proof of a baseline concussion test is required by the Puyallup School District prior to participation in Basketball, Football, Soccer, Volleyball and Wrestling.  Baseline Concussion Testing is optional for all other schools and sports.

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